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23 January 2025 @ 01:48 am

I want to state some facts before you friend me, okay? Be civil and don't bring unneeded drama. If you defriend me I won't take it personally. This is my journal, and I feel I can post whatever I want in it, so I fangirl squee a lot, and as this is a fandom journal it should be expected. Commenting is not an issue for me. Don't talk about my posts away from here unless I say otherwise.

Sister journal to scandalbaby
Recs located at i wish for a happy ending @ Tumblr

Fandoms For This Journal

• Into manga (mostly Bleach, but also Zombie Loan, Chibi Vampire, Oh! My Goddess, xxxHOLiC, Ouran High School Host Club and more)
• Into anime (once again, mostly Bleach, but I also like Cowboy Bebop, both seasons of Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex and a few others that various others are recommending to me)
• Into comic books (DC over Marvel, way too many individual characters to name, though I have a soft spot for the Big Three and their families, JLA in general, Green Lantern Corps and Renee Montoya)
• Into cartoons (mostly DCAU, nothing really current because of my anime bias)

Also, if you know who made the gif I'm using in this post I'll write you fic. I like to give credit where credit's due.

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25 July 2012 @ 05:31 pm
Via anjak_j:

There is some particularly nasty rootkit malware being passed around LJ via comments.

In some of these comments there is an embedded video, in others there is just a link. A lot of them seem to be appearing as spam comments - I've already received three such comments on various communities I have maintainer privileges for - but there have also been cases where this nasty has used hijacked LJ accounts to make the comment seem more genuine - warning of content theft, etc. (For example: "Your YouTube content has been stolen.")

The common denominator is that these all lead to YouTube videos, and some of these links are infected with this rootkit - malware that can infiltrate a computer, steal personal information (such as online banking and other log-in credentials), and in some cases hijack Internet connections.

If you receive such a comment on LJ, DO NOT click on the link or start the video. Delete the comment and report it to LJ.

This post comes with all the usual Internet security admonitions:

- Keep your OS up-to-date by installing any relevant updates.
- Keep your anti-malware tools up-to-date and ensure they have the most recent definitions available.
- Actually use said tools. (This sounds like it goes without saying, but you'd be surprised...)
- Keep your browser and add-ons up-to-date.
- "If it looks dubious, it probably is." The first line in Internet security is being careful of what you click.
- Non-Windows OSs... not all rootkits discriminate, so make sure your security is up to the job. (Even when malware does discriminate, it won't win you any friendship points with your Windows-using friends if your computer harbours malware designed for Windows and passes it on. Sophos found that 20% of the 100,000 Mac computers scanned for a 2012 report harboured malware dangerous to Windows computers and their users.[citation])
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So, I've been thinking and thinking and thinking some more, and I made a decision about what to do with this journal. As of today, I will not be making regular posts in this journal. I'm going to keep it open because this used to be my personal journal, and I'm going to take make the occasional post here so that my journal doesn't get deleted or purged, but this will not be my second fandom journal anymore.

All fandom posts will be made at scandalbaby, including my posts on manga, comics and cartoons.

All personal posts will be made at makeyourmoment.

The decision did not come easily, since I have had this journal for years and I've loved it very much. But I'm not in a whole lot of manga fandoms except Bleach, and I'm pretty much out of that one, so there's no point in keeping this journal active.

I will still use this journal to post my occasional Bleach fanfiction, and all of you on hyouhakuzai_fic don't need to worry about anything because I will keep this journal as the owner and maintainer there since I have a few other Bleach communities that I mod on this account. But yeah. Once I get enough money to transfer a few of my favorite Bleach icons to scandalbaby I'll start posting my thoughts on the series over there.
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01 June 2012 @ 02:19 pm
I made a post on my personal journal about this, but I'm considering making this my personal journal again and making scandalbaby a strictly fandom blog, including Bleach. Thoughts on this?
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I think I may be more or less done with the Bleach fandom. Not the manga or my friends here, and not my fics, but the fandom as a whole. There's BS going down at the two big Bleach forums so I'm not seeing any real goodies for the fandom anymore, and then there was this latest round of bleachbigbang which has made me seriously reconsider holding a round 3.

See, when I started round 2.5, I had about ten writers and ten artists sign-up. First mandatory check-in? Four authors checked in. When I asked for summaries? Three authors. Rough drafts? Two authors gave them. So out of all the interest, only two authors and two artists are posting tomorrow. I sent PM after comment after e-mail and got zero response from people who said they were interested.

Then I look at au_bigbang, where I'm one of two co-mods, and we went from about 150 participants to 100 who did the first check-in. The people in that BB are really good about letting us know if they're dropping out or changing fandoms. They're active in helping me advertise. And it doesn't leave me wanting to rip my hair out because we're on the ball with everything. bleachbigbang left a bad taste in my mouth, just like crossbigbang did in round 1. I think when this round is done I'm going to see if someone else wants to take over bleachbigbang. I'll just stick with modding my fic community and bleach_yuri.

Speaking of hyouhakuzai_fic, did I recently tell someone I'd add them to the community? With the new job I got and all of that I completely forgot if I did or not. Tell me and I'll go give you posting access and make a post to the community.
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